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Kulwant Arora

Very Experienced doctor. Does deep analysis of the Test reports, corelates various elements of the report and then prescribes line of treatment. Doesn't just see Lab results and prescribe medicines. Real expert on Preventive Health Care. I have benefitted immensely following his line of treatment.

Ujjual Yadav

Doctor invests lot of time to check the reports and understand the actual problem. Cure to your problems is definitely available, provided you are willing to follow what is being advised. I had patience and followed him 100% the results are wonderful.

Chandan Kumar

Dr. Anupam is a very polite and generous doctor. I have known him from 15 years. His prognosis and diagnosis is phenomenal. He gives his personal attention to every patient. Thank you doctor for your great services.

Loveleen Kesar

We are very happy with the services of Centre for Optimum Health.Dr Anupam explained us everything in detail and the doubts are all clear now.

Mohan Chand

One of the best doctor I have ever consulted. As he never believes in prescribing drugs and goes for natural treatments.

Gurmeet Kaur

Deep knowledge on Preventive Health Care by working on immune system of the body.I highly recommend.