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My Story: Who? What? Why?

(Medical Licensure: Dr Anupam Gaur, MCI/15184)

At CFOH we believe, “Restore optimal health to Reverse your Disease

Reversing your disease and make them disappear, diseases in particular chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are the long-term conditions like type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, neurological disorders, Cancers etc. And there are millions and millions of people across geography who are already been suffering with chronic conditions like these. Indians are no different instead more inclined due to our genetic & lifestyle predisposition to many of them. That means, looking out amongst you now; there is probability of finding people in here who have already been diagnosed or unknowingly waiting to be diagnosed with one of these long-term conditions.

If talk in terms of expenditure, overall global pharmaceutical consumption is increasing exponentially, it is expected that pharmaceutical consumption will cross global food consumption just in fore-coming few years which is around 1.7 trillion dollars/ year globally. And 80% of which is on these preventable chronic diseases. That’s the way; how we are medicating ourselves? and things still doesn’t seem to be working.

And with this I’m standing here before you, saying ‘reverse your diseases’. I’m not a magician, I’m a mere physician what we Indians call an Allopathic doctor or the Americans call MD. The reason I say this is that I see these chronic diseases as an illusion, I feel they are not real, diseases don’t really exist, at least not in the way that we think they do. Disease are mere manifestations or symptoms classified in our language. They are result of some imbalance underneath.

Few years ago, I too would have taken these words by someone as surprise, but things changed. Last 20 years in field of medicine I always felt there was something missing, I moved from being a specialist to becoming a generalist (or a GP) but something was always nagging, the sense that I was just managing disease or simply suppressing people’s symptoms. And then, just 7 years ago came the turning point for me. 7 years ago, I was working as a CMO of one of the India’s largest automobile company, a company employing nearly 20000 on-role employees and equal or more on-contract. I with other doctors was responsible for their prevention and treatment from occupational & environmental health hazards and also to supervise & guide medical treatments & hospitalisations of employees and their dependents.


What transpired me was? two amazing things that happened simultaneously

ONE, I was closely involved with my patients in their health-related decisions at almost every level, their consultations with different specialists, super-specialists and further my discussion with those specialists. Their dependence on me again n again for every kind of decision making to go /not to go different diagnostics, surgeries and procedures, finalising treatments looking into options available for them and their dependents regarding their health issues was an everyday practice for me. knowingly/ unknowingly I was closely watching ‘how our healthcare system works’? Specially from a third persons view when you are not the patient nor the treating specialist. It was an enormous experience understanding all if’s n but’s, good’s n flaw’s, learning from mistakes etc.

TWO, being from a research background from starting of my career and my love for analysing & interpreting data’s, I was continuously observing and monitoring a huge health data of employees and their health trends. Their up & down movements in the heath curve. Guiding them and monitoring short term and long-term effects. Again, a break through learning experience. So, I started to learn a lot of science, a lot of science that I did not learn in medical school… a lot of science that made a lot of sense to me. So, I started applying the science, first of all with few of my patients and I saw the amazing benefits. So, I started applying it with my other patients and do you know what happened? People started getting better, really better – you see I learnt how to resolve the root cause of their problems, rather than simply suppressing their symptoms. I got to showcase a different style of medicine, where I started working with a whole-system approach considering whole body as one rather looking after one organ system separately.

My Learnings

We need to evolve the way that we practice medicine of aetiology not symptomatology- the Medicine that asks why, not only tells you what. We’ve got to stop applying 20th century thinking to 21st century problems. We need to take back control, empower and re-educate ourself away from our fear of disease and strive toward achieving OPTIMUM HEALTH. Few of my learnings:

Health means health of whole body; consider whole body works as one, rather than looking after every organ system separately.

Solution lies in resolving the root cause of problem, rather simply suppressing their symptoms..

Disease is not deficiency of one or more chemicals to be put in as drugs or medicine. Rather Nutrition, lifestyle and environment play major role in individuals’ life.

Our health is an outcome of complex network of interconnected relationships within and outside our body, which needs to be taken care for wellbeing.

Through simple changes in our diet and life style, one can make remarkable impact on lifelong health and success.


Principles & Approach

Restore optimum health, body will heal itself. Restoring optimum health activates Innate healing capacity which reverses the disease by itself.

Best cure of a disease is to “Not let it happen”. Key lies in prevention then treatment.

Treat the patient, disease will heal. We believe in “patient centric” approach irrespective being “disease centric”.

Every patient is unique, so the detection and correction of imbalances in a person is also unique “to him”. A Single pill can’t work for every ill.

Nutrition is the most powerful tool to heal a person, we can harness the power of nutrition to heal and balance our body.