Epigenetics Reformation

Before we can go into what epigenetics is and what it does for our bodies, it is first important to establish the fact that epigenetics as a concept has been studied well over the 20 th century and has brought some interesting revelations in the 21 St century which are now acting as a massive stimulus for bringing the due change on how we should be living our lives, how do the diseases occur, and most importantly what should be the approach for treating all types of diseases.

What is Epigenetics?

The best way to explain epigenetics to anybody who isn’t from the medical background would be to give them a suitable example or an analogy. And also keep in mind the fact that the concept of genetics which we all have known differs from the concept of epigenetics. Both of them have a role to play in our system and are equally important.

So, let’s understand this through our first example of a movie: Now every movie has a script. So, what does a script do for a movie??

It provides the basic structure for the entire movie, a narrative along which actors will play their roles to depict the story.

But it is the “Director” of the movie who eventually decides what would be the tonality of that movie, what type of music it is will have, and how will actors act. So, if you see it is the expression or the interpretation of the director which comes out on the big screen on a Friday release.

“If you connect the dots then you will realise that “Epigenetics” are actually the “Director” of the expression of your body or health.”

Epigenetics involves various elements of life such as what you eat, how you sleep, the quality of air you breathe, the social environment that you live in; all of these factors have proven evidence which shows how chemical modifications do take place around our genes.

These interactions do hold the power on how we age, acquire diseases, and the quality of life that we live in our lifetime.

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Below is a table to differentiate the roles of genes and epigenetics in our lives:

Genetics Epigenetics
They are passed from the adult to their offspring during the development of foetus They are formed with our interaction with our overall environment & surroundings as we age
Genes or the DNA give instructions as to what functional proteins will be made Process of epigenesis decide how our genes will be read by the cells and decide their expression
inside the cell for the maintenance & development of the body
Genetics provide the general scheme of things for the cells Epigenesis provides the detailing and finishing, thus decides the final environment of the cell
Epigenetics can turn genes on and off without changing the underlying code of the DNA

Nessa Carey, the author of Epigenetics Revolution said that genes are identical starting points but epigenetics is what leads to different outcomes.

How does Epigenetics affect Humans?

The process of epigenesis keeps evolving throughout our entire lives based on numerous factors. However, what is essential is that what kind of epigenesis is taking place in our life. To be more precise, we can say that, is your body experiencing a “good” or “bad” epigenesis?

We can understand this by analysing a real-life case study of “Two Identical Twins”

Why Identical Twins?

Identical twins get developed from a single fertilized egg and hence they have the exact same genome and it can also be assumed that both will have the same epigenome during the birth because they share the same environment. We can say that they are genetic carbon copies. Henceforth, they are a perfect example for us to understand the utmost importance of epigenetics in our daily lives.

Now what’s interesting for us to see is that two identical twins as they start aging, they not only start showing differences in their physical appearance but also the quality of life they live from a health perspective. The type of diseases that one twin would get in his or her

lifetime are far different from one another. Why does this happen is the most relevant question? Why does two people who have the same genetics lead very different lives when it comes to their journey of health?

The simplest answer for this million-dollar question is that the way environmental factors interact with one individual as they age leads to changes in his or her epigenetics which forces the genes to go on and off to formulate a new expression altogether.

What are some of the Environmental Factors that can affect the Epigenome?

  • Diet
  • Physical Activity
  • Exposure to Toxins
  • Stress

Namely, these four environmental factors play a vital role in deciding the environment of the cell. It is the poor environment of the cell which leads to an invitation of chronic diseases such as cancers, neurological disorders, cardiac issues, etc.

Lifestyle of #Twin 1 – goes to sleep late in the night and has a poor sleep pattern, consumes junk, chain-smoking, live under chronic stress

Lifestyle of #Twin 2 – Practices a sound sleep of 7-8 hours daily, keeps himself away from the junk, has a stressful job but involves himself in physical activities to manage his stress levels

The combination of lifestyle practice and environmental factors is what decides the quotient of your health.

Can Someone’s Bad Epigenesis be Treated or Reversed?

Yes. It is possible to make someone recover from poor their poor epigenesis via Epigenetic Reformation.

What is Epigenetics Reformation?

There are methods and treatment options such as nutri-genomics at cellular level, intra- cellular communications to balance one’s epigenetics. Such methods help in reshaping the epigenetics to formulate a healthy expression from the cells. Epigenetics reformation eventually helps in giving the body a healthy environment or a platform in which chronic diseases find themselves hard to survive and their reversal can be looked upon as an additional benefit.